Yogi Meditation

 ”You don’t have to twist your body into the shape of a pretzel, shave your head, move to a cave or change your religion to benefit from a meditation practice.” – Swara

Next Yogi Meditation Challenge starts: January 5, 2019

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   With recent scientific findings about the many benefits of meditation, more and more people are becoming interested in finding a way to integrate meditation into their busy lifestyles.  Yogi Meditation is a series of 5-minute meditations for beginners that are looking to begin a practice, as well as for seasoned yogi’s that are looking for ways to expand their experience of meditation.

  • Discover a passion for meditation
  • Release stress and negativity through movement of the body
  • Access a deeper calm and quieting of the mind with surprising ease
  • Connect deeply to Divine Presence within
  • All paths, gurus, spiritual masters and teachers respected

To apply for participation, email swara@yogi-swara.com